Deciding to take lessons with Veronica was the best decision I have ever made, it has transformed both my body and mind, worth every penny!

-S. Browning

I am always busy, move fast, drive a lot and spend hours and hours uncomfortably hunched over my laptop – my neck and shoulders are a testament to this life style. I arrived at Veronica’s for my first AT session seized up and in great pain. I had no idea what to expect and it was a revelation! Using her remarkable skills at ‘tuning in’, a gentle voice and moving my body in what seemed the subtlest of ways, Veronica rendered me almost pain-free for the first time in months, maybe years. After three sessions, my neck is far less of a problem AND I am beginning to correct my posture myself, before the trouble starts. Fantastic!

-Penny Millar

I was suffering from a really bad neck and back problem, unable to walk without pain. After two months of Alexander Technique with Veronica I was not only walking easily but was able to go on holiday and ski with my kids.

-C. Stanley

I started Alexander Technique two years ago because of long standing problems with balance and co-ordination. I was also suffering of recurrent back and shoulder pains and neck stiffness. The sessions have helped me greatly in improving my posture and sense of balance and my back and neck have felt much better. The benefits haven’t been just at the physical level: I have felt much more confident and at ease with myself and I have been able to make some substantial changes for the better. I believe that finding the right practitioner is essential in any therapy but I find it particularly true in the case of Alexander Technique. I have been really lucky in meeting Veronica and I don’t think my progress would have been possible without her excellent skills, her experience and her good advice. Alexander Technique sessions are now a constant in my life and they help me with ongoing improvement and balance at all levels.

A. P. London